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Chicago tips and tricks
« on: December 31, 2007, 12:56:20 PM »
Hey everyone, I don't know if anybody was watching the travel channel on Christmas day, but they had a show called Pizza Wars. It was basically showing the differences between Chicago style and New York style pizzas. What was cool about it was that they showed the kitchens of Lou's, Gino's, and pizzeria UNO. I tried looking for any type of label or brand or technique and this is what I saw.

1. For getting the deep dish out of the pan - I saw at Lou's that the guy was using a grip tool (looks like vice grips) on the edge of the deep dish pan and in the other hand a piece of circular cardboard with foil wrapped around it. He picked up the pizza pan with the grip tool and quickly flung the pizza half way out of the pan and caught it with the foiled cardboard, so now half the pizza is on the cardboard and the other half is supported by the edge of the deep dish pan. Then he gently slide the rest onto the cardboard. Done.

I also visited an UNO's and asked the waitress how they get the pizza out and she said that they use something like a metal lid and put it over the pizza, then they filp the pizza upside down to get it out of the pan, and then they flip it back into the box.

2. Putting sausage on the pizza - At Gino's they took the raw sausage, flattened it and rolled it up. Like if you were rolling up a news paper. Then they placed it on top of the cheese and rolled it back out. Then spread it out on the cheese and dough just like you would spread out the dough in the pan. NOTE: the dough and cheese were already in the pan.

3. Cheese - you probably already know this but they don't use shredded cheese, they use thinly sliced cheese. Like what you would use on a sandwich.

4. Lou's sauce - Marc said that they use their own sauce, and he showed the can. The label just had the lou's logo and it also said, something like whole vine cut. I think, I can check on that when I get home. NOTE: Marc was sticking his fingers in the sauce and eating the clumps of tomatoes. He said he does it all the time which I think is gross and unsanitary.

That's all the tricks I got out of it. I'll look to see if someone posted the show on You Tube. If I find it then I'll post a link.

Hope this helps. - Brad

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Re: Chicago tips and tricks
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2008, 11:18:19 PM »

My wife and I watched the same show with interest.  I agree on the finger diving into the tomatoes at Lou's.  Gotta wonder about that practice, especially if the guy double dips.  We also noted how at Gino's they unrolled the sausage patty out onto the pie, then trimmed and filled as needed.  I've tried this approach, with dismal results.  I now just build the patty right on the pie, starting in the middle and working my way out to the edges.  Since I'm not "into" New York Style Pizza, I did not pay too much attention to those segments.  But the Chicago Deep Dish segments were quite interesting.