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ready to make pizzas (I am new)
« on: January 03, 2008, 07:54:35 PM »
Hello everyone,
This looks like it will be a great forum for me and my quest to make a great pizza. My good friend is a real pro at making pizzas. He has a wood burning pizza oven, homemade tomato sauce for pizza or spaghetti (his mom makes tons of it), and a family member who owns a pizza bakery for the crust. She is now making the crust at home.

Of course they are Italian. :chef: (I am not)

I want to learn how to make a great pizza of my own. I will be moving from him in the future  :'(and need to learn not only from him but others from in this forum. I do not have a wood burn pizza oven yet. (I have the good old oven) and will have it for awhile. :(

I also want to make a pizza from him without his help. WHY? Because he is always cooking for my family and I want to make a masterpiece for him. I also want to explore new ideas, flavors and pizzas. (did that make sense?) ???

My biggest questions:
1. need an easy sauce recipe (semi-homade)
2. need to learn how to make a good crust. I think I saw a video in this forum
3. What ever tips you have for me:
oven temp
stone or pan
thickness of crust

I should look in  the forum.
I did a search and allot of stuff came up

please help me out.
fb66 :D

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Re: ready to make pizzas (I am new)
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2008, 08:15:04 PM »

A request similar to yours came in earlier today and for which I posted a response:,6017.msg51579.html#msg51579.

As for sauces, I usually do not recommend them to others because they tend to be based on personal preferences that are rarely the same from one person to another. What you may want to do is look in the Sauce Ingredients section of the forum. Also, if you can describe what features or ingredients and flavors you like in your sauces maybe someone can point you to a specific sauce recipe. Some sauces are tied in intimately to certain types of pizza (e.g., deep-dish) so you may also want to specify what kinds of pizzas you would like to make.

Good luck.

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