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Aging Pizza Sauce
« on: February 17, 2009, 01:59:51 PM »
My pizza sauce for New York-style pizza was pretty bland even though I used plum tomatoes and had all the right spices. I started aging my sauce, leaving it in the frig for a few days after making it. I even freezed it and later thawed it out for use. Suddenly the flavor came alive and my pizzas starting getting rave reviews from my friends and family. Is there something gained by aging the sauce, it seems so?

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Re: Aging Pizza Sauce
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2009, 03:14:18 PM »
I think you have to get the flavor of the spices to come out one way or another.  I've been using crushed products and simmering them down in a mini crock, which thickens up the sauce and brings out the flavor of the spices.  I've been using just basil and black pepper for quite awhile, with a splash of sugar and salt if needed.  Just recently I started putting the sauce on the pie and sprinkling garlic powder over it prior to adding the cheese.  It gives it some added pop and a really nice pizzeria flavor. 
I try to simmer it down pretty good so I can get a nice strong flavor without having to use too much sauce.  If I add more spice to strengthen the flavor; particularly more basil, it gets a bitter taste.  If the tomato product is without the water, then there is no need to thicken, but if it has a puree to it, I like to simmer it down to retain the taste in the puree.