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My first NY Style Pizza
« on: March 10, 2008, 09:46:53 PM »
I will make this short for now because I have company over.

Saturday evening I finally decided to use the Lehmann dough calculator and make my first NY style Pizza.

I can't recall my exact entries into the calculator sorry!  I was using KABF and ADY to make the dough.

In short, I put 3/4 of the flour and all but a few TBSP of the water in the mixer along with the salt.  I mixed it together and let it autolyze for about 10 minutes while the yeast was proofing in 110 degree water with the sugar and about 2 grams of honey.  After that I mixed the yeast in and slowly mixed the rest of the flour in.  Immediately following it went right into the fridge for about 48 hours.

I gotta run but here are the pics, more explanation late