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Motor City Brewery Pizza, Detroit (video)
« on: March 25, 2008, 11:20:29 AM »
Since I've joined this forum I quit my career in the wine business in order to make pizza.

Someday I may open my own pizzeria.

For now, the best place I found to practice the craft was Motor City Brewery (MCB). They recently installed an electric brick pizza oven (only five months ago) and are planning on extending their hours to serve a lunch crowd. To the credit of this crew, they have always enabled me to experiment and adjust, and I seize upon every opportunity to make customers happy.

My favorite pizza on the menu is one I never would have ordered after reading the itemized toppings. It's called the "Danimal" and it is made with artichoke hearts, roasted onions, grape tomatoes, olive oil and gorgonzola. That just didn't sound right to me. But one day I mistakenly made an extra one and decided to eat it. It was damn good.

Pizzailos at MCB have leeway and depending on who makes your pie, and how loaded the oven is, it can be pretty different from one day to the next.

I made of brewer/pizzaiolo Dan Scarsella. The cutaways are of my pizzas (a Margherita, a Five Cheese, and a Mediterranean.)

I will reply with some images when I get to the other computer.

Please reply if you have eaten pizza at MCB or for any other reason.