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Re: Chicago Thin (Cracker?) Crust Pizza/ Bar Pizza
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The Broz,

I did not mean to create the impression that I view bar and tavern styles of pizzas as being different types of pizzas. But they struck me as being different than the cracker style pizzas. It seemed to me from my research that the bar and tavern styles of pizzas had thin soft crusts, and maybe somewhat chewy, and also that they tended to be cut in slices as opposed to party style. And the pizzas are usually rimless. By contrast, a cracker style pizza had an unmistakable crispy crust. That dough was typically rolled out very thin, using a commercial dough sheeter or press, and sometimes formed in multiple overlapping (laminated) layers and often docked with a docking tool. They might even be parbaked and held for later use. They might also be frozen. In fact, some of the major pizza chains that offer cracker crust pizzas use frozen crusts. And they are usually made by others, not the chains themselves.

By contrast, the thin Chicago style pizzas are like bar or tavern style pizzas, in that the crust is on the soft or chewy side, but they are not typically called bar or tavern style, although I am sure that some writers might use those terms in articles about the thin Chicago style pizzas. And usually, the pizzas are cut party style. Interestingly, there was a short period of time where I lived in the Chicago area and, along with my son, we sampled the Chicago deep dish style of pizza. We did not know about the Chicago thin crust style of pizza until members of my staff told me that the true Chicago style of pizza was the thin styles, like the Home Run Inn pizzas. Unfortunately, my job took me away from the Chicago area so we did not have a chance to sample the Chicago thin style pizza.

For now, I would like to keep the Chicago thin style pizza threads in the Chicago style board, since that style is arguably what Chicagoans consider to be the more dominant style, not the deep dish style. And when I searched the Chicago style board using the terms bar and tavern, I got very few references to the Chicago thin style pizzas by those terms.

I also stand to be corrected about my description of the various styles mentioned above. Here on the forum I spent a fair amount of time trying to reverse engineer and clone pizzas made by the Home Run Inn, Vito & Nick's, Monical's, Donato's, Pizza Inn (member DKM's version), and Round Table, but I have never eaten their pizzas in their shops.


Pete, this post absolutely nails it (i.e., your view is basically identical to mine haha).  I think the only point we differ on is that the "Chicago-style" thin isn't specific to Chicago, but is instead just a small part of a much larger "midwestern-style" thin crust genre.  I'd argue that if any changes are made to the forum structure, they should first move all thin crust recipes from the Chicago section into a new "midwestern-style thin crust" section.  (Most of the thin crust pies in the Chicago section aren't even from Chicago anyway!)  This section could then include all of the midwestern-style thin crust pizzas that are party cut (including St. Louis, which is currently in limbo somewhere).  Then the current Chicago section could be renamed the "Chicago deep dish" section.   :chef: :pizza: