Author Topic: BF900 14.9gr Protien From ADM Canada  (Read 1318 times)

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BF900 14.9gr Protien From ADM Canada
« on: April 25, 2008, 05:24:32 PM »
Hey guys back to my experimentation stage..
Still trying out differant flours this time is BF 900 From ADM Milling here in Canada.
I was told by the sales person its thier highest protien content flour, how ever the ash on this flour is like .72 something like its been a well over 6 months since I talked to her.. so my memory is a bit rusty..
they sent me Free samples of BF 900 and Harvest Queen flour..
If you are in canada and are looking for HIGH gluten Flour might wanna give ADM a call.

here is the recipe I used.

Flour (100%):
Water (60%):
IDY (.5%):
Salt (1%):
Oil (8%):
Sugar (2%):
Total (171.5%):
Single Ball: Aimed it at 425gr for a  16 inch thin crust NY style pizza.

and for the guildlines I used this infomation from GM Flours.

Recently I was in Buffalo I picked up 2 25lb bags of All Trumps will give those a shot on monday.

I will post pics tommorow with some feedback!