Author Topic: Why your Pizza is crap ,why Batali can't get it right and more nonsense.  (Read 2343 times)

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So the article basically says that old ovens and certain water makes the difference. Hmmm...I'm afraid that this article is doing nothing but reinforcing the idea that simply specific ingredients make or break good pizza. While Batali speaks of gestalt, nothing in the article mentions the overall process that makes good pizza. People are likely going to think that if they buy a "seasoned" oven and import water from italy that all of a sudden their pizza will be great.


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After trying the pizza at Mozza and seeing the pizza at otto,  it doesn't surprise me at all that he really believes this BS. I don't really he should be taken as an authority on pizza.  He sure can make a good pasta or meat dish though.  A meal I had at one of his restaurants in NYC called Lupa was extraordinary.