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Pizza in Northern NJ
« on: February 07, 2005, 11:58:41 AM »
Hey all. I've not posted here is quite awhile and wanted to share a couple of places here in the Garden State.
My pizza beginnings began in the 60's when my dad would have to work Friday nights until 9pm. We would notice that he was taking longer to get home sometimes. That meant PIZZA. He would bring home a pie for a place in Union, NJ, King Pizza. The story goes that King was owned by a guy and sold it to his sons who had a split and since the family owned the property, one son built his own place across the parking lot from his brother. I alway thought that King was better than the brother's place Joe's. Anyway, we'd be watching the Flintstones knowing that dad was coming home with a pie.
These days only Joe's is still there and their pie is wonderful. The real deal folks. The recipe goes back way before there was a pizzeria on every corner and in every strip mall. Hell, they predate most strip malls.
We often make the trek there on a Saturday night for a plain pie.
Closer to home in Boonton is the Reservoir Tavern. The place also serves some great italian dishes but I think I may have eaten something besides pizza there once. The place is jammed at night but if you can get to the bar, you can enjoy an INTENSE bar pie and a drink. This is my favorite pie I think. I've had John's and Joe's in the Village and they are both really fine examples but Reservoir has them beat. The coolest thing is seeing people clutching their pies to go in a box that has been tied with some string. They hold them like prizes.
Call ahead there for a waiting time for seating and to see if they are even open. They are closed on Sundays and a week in the summer and around the holidays as well.
Those two places are tops in my book. I have a couple of other faves close to work to pick up a slice or two that I will share in another post.
I love pie!