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Who are you to Judge?
« on: July 05, 2008, 01:07:41 PM »
I watched an interesting and insightfull interview on You Tube a couple of weeks ago with Marco Pierre White,particularly his comments on Hells Kitchen and the "Return" of his Michelin stars.Here is a link to a article about the stars issue:

We all have opinions and some are more opinionated than others (I include myself ),but this poignantly raises the question of really who knows what the hell they are talking about and whose comments are taken as knowlegable ,trustworthy and respected?Professional food writers have an enormous amount of clout and can be the death of an establishment before it has even found its feet.With the now firmly established Blog culture,we have a new generation of hacks democratically delivering opinions and demolishing the good the bad and the personally biased at the press of button.The Bloggers have their own 'Awards' system in place apparently,and many are preferred reading IMO to any glossy, ad heavy magazine,but I am concerned when I read comments by people who even though  passionate,are blatantly flawed in their knowledge (and lack of ) about what they are scrutinizing.I recently read a Blog entry by someone (The respected Blog owner ) whose opinion I valued  on certain food types that I'm not too knowledgeable about.He was reviewing a Pizza and only then did I realize the true extent of his depth of knowledge,which now makes me seriously question his other writings?I am talking specifically about Pizza here,as there are a number of Pizza specific Web sites,Blogs and Forums devoted to it.I further realize it doesn't help matters either when seemingly Professional Operators are blurring the lines also and confusing / bastardizing product for profit.I found it refreshing when I heard Marco Pierre White say that he did not feel it was appropriate to be judged by people who knew less about what he was doing than he.Reader beware.
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