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What I've found!
« on: July 18, 2008, 09:06:32 AM »
Hi there, I'm a newbe of this forum and I'm from Italy.......I must present myself!!!!!!

I'm a pizza lover, and looking for pizza lovers like me in the internet I found this great forum!
I'm lucky that I can understand a little bit of English.....just for this I must try to write in the best  way I can.....but you have to excuse me if sometimes I will write some mistakes..... :P

However, I want you to know what I've found here in Italy, about pizza!

The site is :    I suppose that is a site where you can talk about seems to  be a sort of associations for pizzaioli........

I must say that here in Italy there are just only sites where they show pizze, pizzerie and pizzaioli(expecially acrobatics, very nice to see, I must admit) but there aren't sites where you can ask something about "how to made", "how to cook" and expecially "what kind of ingredients there are in a great pizza...." !!!!!!!! >:(
Maybe they can help us...... ???

This site seems cool, but the last update seems to be done last's not a good thing, if they will update again this site maybe they really could help us....

I know that maybe I am off topic, but I think that this could be a good thing to show you all!

See you and thanks you all!