Author Topic: Pizza and Heros and peperonni rolls taste better at home.........  (Read 1354 times)

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I used to always enjoy trying eating at diffenant places.
Like Pizza.veal and meatball heros or peperonni Rolls at differant places.

I have started making my own pizza Heros and pepperorni rolls for a tad over 6 months and have not bought
any Pizza or heros or peperonni rolls from the locals...They charge $6 for a peperonni rolls when I can make it for under $1 or a lot less lol.

I felt since I was out on tuesday maybe I would try a new local place that just opened a few months back..

I bought a Veal hero and the veal was not bad and the Rolls was also not bad but not great as for the EXTRA CHESSE I asked for
Was not as good or anything near the Grande east coast blend chesse I buy .
When I ask for Extra cheese I expect lots of chesse.But the chease was not great but not the worst.
But there was not much on the hero....

I am about to make a Meatball Roll in my oven on the pizza stone
I have a tad of dough I have not used
I will put lots of Grande Chesse East Coast Blend DICED into the roll.
A few meatballs and a tad a ramano.
I feel and know My Rolls are better then all the locals..........

Its good to try diffenant places so you know you are making the best mmmmmm....Jt