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Prestos Hackensack
« on: April 01, 2011, 06:41:13 PM »
So I am driving down rt 46 east just past teterboro airport and I see this new joint Was a burger / diner place for years. Corner of Phillips ave+ 46 . " World Famous Presto's Brick Oven Pizza" so I crank the wheel and drop in for a slice. Brick oven = Marsal as with many places no brick no fire  :'( . I do feel these ovens ,make a superior pie compared to the standard bakers pride blodgett.... Guess thay have location in North Bergen or Union. Nice redo of interior granite and woodwork, very comfortable with tough parking! The Menu has the story of how they came from Italy in 1958 .... to make a secret family recipe? World Famous = Bromated All trumps.  :-D The Pie I thought was bettter than most, 20" maybe, $2 plain slice, light on sauce and cheese Maybe polly O ? Scott123 please review when you are passing by  :)
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Re: Prestos Hackensack
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Good eye John, they ain't going to get nothin' past you!
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