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Saying Hi, + weber kettle bbq n pizza
« on: August 20, 2008, 10:53:59 AM »
Hi all, I'm a newbie to making pizza, and discovered this great forum about 2 months ago, have been lurking around.  I'm especially interested in the "Little Black Egg" creations started by Villa Roma and others.

As for myself, I have yet to make my own dough, I have been using Trader Joes pizza dough.  Currently I am bbq n pizza on a 22.5 weber kettle using briquets.  So you know I'm a complete novice.

My current setup:
My setup:

    * 221/2" weber kettle. (I have lined the lid with heavy duty aluminum foil, to act as both a insulator and heat reflector.)
    * Pizza stone = octagon shape Kiln               Stone Shelf 15x16x5/8 rated to cone 7 or about 2200F.
    * Pizza stone is elevated above cooking grate 2.5 in on aluminum cooking ring.
    * Use 2 starter cans of Kingsford briquets, either 2 stage process or all at once.
    * Single stage process: start one can until all briquets are completely lit. Pour lit briquets into weber, add 2nd can un-unlit briquets. Next put grill & stone in and cover. Preheat for 45 minutes.
    * Two stage process: same as single stage except use 1st can to preheat weber & stone, when 2nd starter can lit, add to weber when ready to make briquet ring.
    * 10-15 minutes prior to cooking pizza make briquet ring, I remove stone & cooking grill, move all briquets around to edges, leaving about 8 to 10 inch bare center on briquet rack. Replace cooking grill & stone and come back up to temperature.
    * Make shift pizza peel.  (don't even own a real pizza peel) all the local stores are out.
    * Large Stainless Steel Spatula.
    * Tin pizza pan to use when need to cook toppings longer, plus move pizza to oven.
    * Oven thermometer (only goes to 600 deg)

Most of our pizzas use following toppings, will be expanding in future.
Dough & toppings:
    * Trader Joes pizza dough
    * Toppings,
    * Cheese was blend of 2/3 mozzarella, 1/3 monterey jack, 1/3 mild cheddar.
    * Italian sausage
    * Pepperoni
    * chopped bell pepper, onion, green onion, tomatoes, mushrooms, olives.
    * tomato basil, garlic sauce.

Only have had the stone for 3 weeks.  Prior to the stone we would get the pre-made pie and cook one side then remove add toppings and cook other side and toppings.  Reading this forum I realized it was possible to cook pizza just like a pizza oven on the bbq and thus bought a stone.

Pizza Pics from last two attempts.
Top to bottom:  Most recent or last night, last week
According to the family, tis getting better each time.
*Are attachments the only way to put images in post.  I am member of several forums, this is only one I can't directly post from links, anywhere in the message post.

Also my pie shaping skills lack big time.