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I had the opportunity to dine at PieTown, the newly opened pizza establishment in Charlotte, North Carolina a few weeks ago. I read about PieTown in the Charlotte newspaper. Acclaimed pizza-buff, author, instructer and chef - Peter Reinhart acted as a consultant - lending his expertise to the recipes and teaching the staff how to do it right. They use a giant gas oven that replicates a wood fired oven by giving the crust some charcoal (char-like) texture.

It was quite a treat for me as I have never eaten in a high-end "pizza joint." Being from Bridgeport Connecticut, I am accustomed to red and white checkered table cloths with paper napkins and thin crusted-pizza served up in 19" size. PieTown is a step up- with linen napkins and impeccable service.  The pizza was a new experience for me.  Each customer gets a 12 inch personal pizza (kinda like you read about in Naples).  At $12-$14 each, it can get a little pricey compared to any neighborhood pizza joint.

I really thought the pizza was exceptionally tastey, although too little was served up per person for my taste.  I ended up eating a few slices of my wife's pizza.

Here is the website for Pie Town:

See favorable review below (from someone local) which has some pictures of the interior.


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