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Restaurant in North Chicago
« on: April 03, 2005, 10:11:25 PM »
Hello everyone. When I was in the navy I went to school at Great Lakes. About two weeks before I left for California I ate the best pizza I had ever had. This would have been in January of 1983. I believe the place was on Green Bay Road and directly west of the base there. I remember the pizza was thin but it was also stuffed. The building it was in has a glass front like a department store and I think it was carry out only. I think it was on the west side of the road facing east in a small strip mall. I was so sad because I had been there almost a year and I got to eat it two weeks before leaving. I seem to remember that it took a long time to cook also. I made a trip back to the area back in 97 and could not find the restaurant. I was wondering if anyone has any clue what I am talking about and has ever ate there. Just curious because I remember that pizza like it was yesterday. I would also like to try and duplicate it if possible.