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While shopping at Bonus here in Reykjavik (bonus is kind of like an Aldi, cheap but little selection) I came across these packs of 4 frozen dough balls in the freezer section.
per Pizza
Ingrediente: Farina di grano tenero yip "O" e "OO", Acqua, Sale, Olio semi di girasole, Malto Lievito naturale
Ingredients: Tipo O and OO flour, Water, Salt, Oil, Natural Yeast
( to go to their pizza products)

This immediately got my attention...for a few reasons (I cant get O or OO flour here, nor can i find Natural yeast, and i dont have an electric mixer) There was no funkey ingredients and they are from Italy, they were cheap too...i couldn't believe my luck.  :chef:

I have tried them twice now, the first time i was in a hurry and dumped the frozen ball on the counter and had it from frozen to peel in about 1 hour....i also stretched it too thin and baked it too it was like a cracker (the base even started to burn a tiny bit in the thin spots)

Next time i let them thaw in the fridge overnight and then rise 1 hour to room temp before shaping..i didnt stretch them anywhere near as thin and i baked them for 2:00 at 550 (middle rack, on a screen).

They turned out fantastically. :) Nice light springy crust that went a nice golden brown, even charred a little (which is exciting for me in a home oven hehe).
 The only thing that could have made them better would be to use a hot stone to bake the base a little bit more.

just wondering if anyone here has tried them and how you think they compare to home made balls.

have a nice day

pic attached, its the 4balls in the top right.
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