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Why did it go stringy?
« on: January 02, 2009, 04:30:33 PM »
Hi hi,
I have been using an Icelandic brand of fresh mozzarella which i really like (Iceland makes great cheese) and tonight used it frozen for the first time.

Before freezing i cut it in to pizza sized chunks, so i just grabbed what i needed and let them thaw out by the oven wrapped in a bit of foil. Seemed to work well.

Put them on the first pie and it behaved just as always, creamy and delicious whilst still maintaining a bit of structural integrity, just at the edge of collapsing but still with shape (i dont like when the mozz gets too melted or browned)

the second pie was different though, for some reason the mozz came out really stringy (ie. you take a bit and pull away and it stretches out) yet still slightly tougher as well. i found it a lot less pleasant to eat (hard to swallow it and it sort of stretched its way down my throat), it tasted like a cheaper brand of pre-shredded Mozz and this is a quality fresh mozz. The only differences for this pie were:

1. mozz was thawed on benchtop maybe 15 mins longer
2. pie was baked about 30 seconds longer, but didn't seem as cooked
3. -but- pie had additional chopped baby spinach on top (where as on the first pie i added it fresh post baking, which turns out is a much better way to do it)
4. maybe there was a slight amount more sauce on this one

any thoughts on why the mozz acted so differently on this one? maybe there was moisture from the baby spinach stopping it from cooking properly?

thanks in advance, have a nice day