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The hotter, the better
« on: January 24, 2009, 07:06:50 AM »
Hi guys,

Last night I made pizza and I wanted to share some pictures.

After some thinking and investigation in this forum, I've been able to raise a little bit the temperature I was cooking my pizzas, in my normal-electric-482Ftop-oven.

Since I have the broiler on the top of the oven, and this is the hottest source of my oven I wanted to use it for my pizzas. The problem here is that the thermostat is just over the brolier, quite close, and after 10-15 minutes with the broiler on, the thermostat shuts off the broiler, even do the general temperature of the oven is around 300F.

What I did is to take the termostat out of its position and put foil paper around it(You can see it in the oven picture, at the right side). I put the stone in the 2nd top rack(7cm to the broiler). Turn on just the broiler, and wait around 30 minutes. I have an infrared thermometer, so I was checking the overall temperature of the oven all the time, even the elements outside of the oven (I don't want to burn anything). So be carefull if someone tries this.

After 30'' the stone gets to 600F. The problem to cook under the broiler is that the top of the pizza burns quite quickly. To avoid this I put in the grill tray of the oven a piece of foil paper, and I made some holes there. I put the tray, just after putting my pizza on the stone(You can see it in the oven picture, between the pizza and the broiler). This way I let only some part of the hotness of the broiler go directly to my pizza.

This is the formulation I used:

Flour (100%):    279.21 g  |  9.85 oz | 0.62 lbs
Water (61%):    170.32 g  |  6.01 oz | 0.38 lbs
IDY (0.25%):    0.7 g | 0.02 oz | 0 lbs | 0.23 tsp | 0.08 tbsp
Salt (3.5%):    9.77 g | 0.34 oz | 0.02 lbs | 1.75 tsp | 0.58 tbsp
Total (164.75%):   460 g | 16.23 oz | 1.01 lbs | TF = N/A
Single Ball:   230 g | 8.11 oz | 0.51 lbs

I made a 5h room temperature preferment, with 35g of water, 35g of flour, and all the IDY.

I hand mixed the dough, around 20 minutes, with two 5min resting periods included. And did a 24h cold fermentation.

The pizza turned really good and it has been a great improvement comparing my previous pizzas. Also it looked more "professional" :)

What I didn't like was the sauce and the ingredients were still no "part" of the dough when the dough was ready. I mean when you took a slice, the ingredients could fell easily from the slice. Maybe they weren't cooked enough. Next time I'll make some more holes in the foil to let more hotness come.

Also, next time I want to try to put the stone not so close to the broiler, because it's a little bit difficult putting the pizza in the stone with so few space there.


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Re: The hotter, the better
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2009, 09:14:58 AM »
Great story, excellent photos, and amazing looking pizza!  Nice job!  Art
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