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KitchinAid Version of DKM's Thin Cracker Crust
« on: January 12, 2009, 05:24:43 PM »
Here is my latest version of DKM's famous cracker crust.  It is one of our favorites.  The big difference is adding all of the sugar to the yeast water.  This seems to give me a bit more airy crust.

Thin Crust based on DKM's recipe.

NOTE: *Change water quintiles with different flours

 1 pound King Arthur Bread flour* or Harvest King Flour**
0.3 oz or 2 teaspoon raw or Turbinado sugar or regular sugar
 1 teaspoon salt
0.5 oz or 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon Classico Olive oil
* 5.8 oz.* warm(90F) water by weight  With a pinch of sugar
**5.7 oz.* warm(90F) water by weight  With a pinch of sugar
1 1/2  teaspoons instant yeast or active yeast

Place flour, salt and oil in the mixing bowl then run the mixer on stir speed using the paddle attachment while yeast blooms. 

Weigh the warm 90F water

Add the sugar and yeast to the water then stir to dissolve.

Set aside for 5 minutes.

With the mixer still running, add the liquid mixture.

Let the mixer continue to run for 1 minute

Stop the mixer and press the dough into a ball while squeezing the gaps together.  This dough will look strange and very dry.

Put the ball back in the mixer bowl and cover the mixer bowl tightly with Saran wrap and leave on counter top overnight but 16-24 hours is better.  I make mine in the late afternoon for supper the next night.

Roll out dough (not easy) to about 20" in diameter which should get it around 1/16 thick.  Place on 16" pizza pan then use the roller to cut off excess dough.  Use a fork or docker to prick holes randomly on the bottom of the pan but not the sides. 

Place the crust in a 475F oven on the bottom rack for 5 minutes to par bake. 

Remove and add toppings.  I use a half-pound of cheese and one cup of sauce plus toppings.

Place back in the oven using the bottom shelf.  Bake for 8 minutes.  Remove when cheese just barely starts to brown.  If you want, turn the pizza around at the 5-minute mark for even browning.