Author Topic: Need help with dough amount needed for my 12"X12" pan  (Read 404 times)

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Need help with dough amount needed for my 12"X12" pan
« on: November 10, 2022, 12:48:54 PM »
I have a new 12"X12" Lloyds pan to make Sicilian pizzas which I've never made. I have recipes but what I don't have is information on how much dough to use in the pan. That 12x12 equals 144 sq inches. Does anyone have any idea how many grams or ounces of dough I need to make a Sicilian pizzas? I just need to know the standard or a way of finding out a formula to use. Also, I'd love to know if any one has used a Lloyds pan in the Ooni Karu 16 for this pizza and has some helpful hints. While I'm at it, I see wide ranges of hydration for this type of pizza. I would love to know which hydration would give me the crunchiest bottom! My aim is to get it to be about as thick as the Di Fara square slice/Sicilian. I'll be using All Trumps Flour if that's any help; or I could use KABread Flour.
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Re: Need help with dough amount needed for my 12"X12" pan
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2022, 10:31:29 PM »
You have the right idea to use the area in square inches of your pan in the calculation.

The recipes you have are for a certain size pan; all you ned to do is get the ratio of:
the pan size in a recipe you like  ---- to the pan size of the pan you have.

So if a recipe you have calls for a 10x14 inch pan, that's 140 square inches. Your pan is 144 square inches. The ratio is 144/140 or 1.03

That is your multiplier from your old recipe to get the amounts to use in your pan.

Since your pan is larger than the pan size in the original recipe, the ratio needs to be greater than 1; that's how you know which number goes on top and which one goes on the bottom in the calculation; you will need more dough in your pan than was used for the smaller pan.

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Re: Need help with dough amount needed for my 12"X12" pan
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2022, 07:57:17 PM »
I've been using this pan for years. Love it.
I usually run between 250g to 300g of flour. Lately, I'm 300g. I use a variety of flours. Always about 5 on hand. The three Poselli 00's available to me, always have durum on hand, Anna 00 occasionally, and in a pinch KAB. I blend my flours, or not, depending on what I'm making. Always a 6-8 hour rt ferment, then pan it, fully dress it, and a second rise for as long as it takes. This depends on the flour and weight of toppings. Each flour performs a little different. H2O always changes depending on the flour blend.
Typical formula....

210g Poselli Vivace
90g durum
64% H2O
6% fat, usually olive oil
2% salt
.5% diastatic malt powder, 210 linter (Briess from Breadtopia)
.5% IDY (sometimes .4% IDY and .4% DMP)
Final dough temp 75 or less. If it runs hot before it's smooth, I toss the mixing bowl in the freezer for a few minutes.
6-8 hr RT ferment, usually about 75F

I usually put the mixed dry ingredients in the freezer and use ice water. My Famag IM5S mixer heats the dough up fast.

I'm now cooking in an Effeuno Garatron @ 700 F. Temped to try hotter. If you don't experiment, you'll never know..... When the pan comes out, the stone temp is down to 550. Don't ask me how long, I'm not one of those who sits in front of the oven with a stopwatch. I pull the pie based on looks, I'm looking at shrinkage based on hydration level.

I was baking in a Cuisinart BRK200 for many many years. Hottest I could get was 600 on the deck, a piece of A36 steel I had cut to fit 12x12. It originally had a stone in it.

I've tried every temp from 350 450 550 650. I really like 700. Completely different bake than the lower temps.

Yes my Garatron does do Neopolitan pies. I'm not much into those but make them occasionally @ 850F. Sorry but I don't stopwatch my pies. Not in a race, just hungry.......