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Re: Re: Philly/Trenton-area tomato pie (Split Topic)
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As posted on a separate thread, the original mecca on Hudson ST. in Trenton is closing for good this month. Owners are aging (though not that old), and probably tired of having to have an off duty cop stationed out front on business days. They also have the wonderful "new" place in Robbinsville. But, this place is an original and will be sorely missed.


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Re: Philly/Trenton-area tomato pie (Split Topic)
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Hello all!
I'm back from my hometown of TRENTON NJ and had a great meal at DELO's Tomato Pies in Robbinsville.

The server was very forthcoming. He is moving to Texas soon and he also makes dough at the Hudson st. location on Sundays.
Great people, very open and I highly doubt they are aware people like us are this nuts. :)

Our server said the sauce again is definately 6 in 1 tomatoes mixed with plum tomatoes (i'm guessing canned redpack plum)
The flour is "Pillsbury Regular Flour" these were his exact words.
I asked if the dough was aged in a cooler, he said yes, cold rise for a couple days at least.

The dough has NO sugar.  OIL, FLOUR, WATER and SALT. That's it.

He thinks the yeast is made for them, he doesn't know where they get it from. He thinks it's a special order possibly.
I should have pressed this more. He should know what the appearence of the yeast is and I didn't ask!

550 ovens. Server told me and I saw this.
Pizza is not 4 minutes bake time. The call I made prior where the guy who answered stated 12-15 minutes, was WAIT time.
It was abut 9-10 minutes in the oven, moving the pie from the top to the bottom.
Our server said "10 minutes tops"  I agree and saw firsthand.

I was wrong on the semolina for peel. Server/dough maker kid said it was cornmeal. (It looks like fine whitish yellow cornmeal)

all hand kneaded of course
He said there is not a lot of water (high oil % perhaps to explain extensibility?)
Crust was in fact crackery, there i said it.
It was charred all around, crunchy and some spots chewy towards the middle, but always a crunch first.
crackery and airy/light is a good description.

The crust has a subtle sweetish taste like biscotti. I know this sounds odd but it has a faint biscotti flavor (the yeast?)
I went to Delorenzos Pizza in the clover plaza the next day and even though it's a different family member, I detected that same "biscotti"
flavor in their crust too. The flavor is IDENTICLE, but Delo's Tomato Pies are more charred overall and crunchier toward the middle and more uniformely crunchier. The rim's on both shatter and taste the same.

The bottom of the pies were wavy, undulating, uneven. cratery.
They are not flat like the bottom of an apple pie crust.

All pieces stand out stiff except the middle pieces IF they have toppings to weigh them down.
I ordered three pies, so I know this.
so....a plain pie will not droop on any slice. A sausage pie may have droopage for the middle 2 peices, cause they are longer and
weighed down slightly.

I very exited about this news, this supplements and updates my above post.
I was paying way more attention this time.

BOOM! Yes, 6 in 1 with the Redpack tomatoes.

I just found out the exact flour they use. My friend works for an Italian food distributor who sells mostly to pizza joints. He delivers the the Hamilton ave location and from time to time he also fills in for the driver who delivers to the Robbinsville location. All locations are using PILLSBURY BEST BAKERS PATENT HIGH GLUTEN FLOUR! I do have a picture to prove it. I also always thought there was something different about the flour and when I read the ingredients on the bag yesterday, I noticed that there is malted barley flour in the Pillsbury Best Bakers Patent High Gluten Flour. This is where I believe that slight variation in taste is coming from.

OH BTW, he does indeed deliver the cornmeal for them, among other ingredients. HOWEVER, 2 ingredients that DELO's doesn't order from them is the yeast or sausage.
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Re: Philly/Trenton-area tomato pie (Split Topic)
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I've never had pizza from any of the places in which this topic is about, but from what I've learned on here, oil is a softener, and not exactly what you'd want alot of to make a cracker-like crust unless the water was very low maybe. I'd also suspect that the flavor people are talking about is from the supposed custom yeast that they are using.

I've been told by friends in pizzerias that there is or was some additive available that makes dough more crispy but I can't find anything on it. They said that they have tried it but didn't like it. The name sounded like crispix or crispex. A tomato pie place opened up here and their crust is crispy even though the pies are not well done. Mozzarella on bottom, cooked halfway on the deck, then tomatoes, then back in on a screen until done. They are more on the thick side TF-wise and the pizza has a strange crunch and flavor that I haven't had anyplace else before. It's not tough, chewy, or crackery, and is more like a biscuit or crispy pastry crust than bread you could say. I wonder if there is any correlation.
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Re: Philly/Trenton-area tomato pie (Split Topic)
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Pretty sure they're cooking at 550. (I know they did that in Trenton.) I know they use part skim mozzarella. Believe sauce is as you say; not sure of the proportions. It is AP flour. They've told me that over the years...not high gluten.

Best stuff anywhere, IMO.
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