Author Topic: Anybody see the A&E show about Brownstone Pizzeria?  (Read 2783 times)

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Anybody see the A&E show about Brownstone Pizzeria?
« on: February 07, 2009, 02:09:17 PM »
I had never seen the show before, but it's pretty good.  I don't remember the name of the host, but he used to work for Trump on the apprentice.  This episode was similar to the kitchen nightmares show.  They wanted to give the owners some business skills and some helpful technology, and a restaurant makeover.
This guy and his wife opened a place called the brownstonw pizzeria.  They had a basic counter inside, some tables and chairs, a yellowish colored wall, and nothing else.  Nothing on the walls.  No TVs or anything, nothing displayed on the counter, and no menu board other than a small board of specials that wasn't even put up.  The wife was upset about how much money they had sunk into it, and the all the credit card dent they racked up.  The husband was in denial and wasn't exactly thrilled about receiving help. 
The host gave the pizza and other food a good rating, but blasted the restuarant for having nothing inside and for the outside looking as though the place was closed down, when in fact it wasn't.  A crew came in and gave the place a complete makeover.  They got table covers, tvs and pictures for the walls, a brick wall cover for half of the walls, a huge menu board, new front windows featuring their new logo, logo t-shirts to wear around the shop, and a new computer ordering system.  Business was booming when they relaunched.  They made more money in 2 hours then their best whole day previously. 
It was such a transformation, and I really thought the husband and wife would take the new start and run with it.  The last segment of the show had the host and his crew return for a surprise visit one week after they had left.  The place was empty.  The table covers were gone, the new menuboard was torn down, and no one was wearing their logo t-shirt.  The host was a little p-ssed.  He asked how long before the menuboard was removed, and the owner said  3 days. I guess the husband didn't care, but the wife was freaked out over the visit.  I think she knew that the husband was arrogant and running the place into the ground, and was afraid to stand up to him.  She was afraid to have the TV crew come back and see how they spat all over the help they received.