Author Topic: The DLX 2000 is looking better each day !  (Read 2571 times)

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The DLX 2000 is looking better each day !
« on: January 28, 2005, 07:58:28 AM »
Here's a post I thought was interesting ! ( from another forum )

Btw, I've seen numerous posts about another product made by Electrolux Sweden ( the people that make the DLX 2000,
it's a grain mill, specifically for flour, and looks amazing, - many use this also )

here's the post.......

I have the Electrolux DLX and love it.  I once tried using 21 cups
of whole wheat flour (about 7 or 8 loaves worth of bread) just to
see if it could handle the load, and the machine had no trouble at
all (prior to my DLX I had a Kitchen Aid, but decided to sell it
after trying to make a two loaf whole grain recipe and having the
machine struggle a great deal)

The DLX has only 450 watts, but you will never miss not having 1000
watts.  This machine is very strong and able to handle about
anything.  It is much more powerful than my Kitchen Aid ever was and
doesn't strain or struggle at all, no matter what I mix.  Apparently
the way the watts are converted into working energy is more
efficient in the design.  There is some discussion about wattage in
previous posts if you read the archives.

If you look into the DLX you should consider the blender too.  It
does an outstanding job and you will never have a problem with motor
burn out because the DLX powers it.

With a big family like yours, I would consider the DLX or the
Bosch.  With either machine you can easily make 6 loaves of bread at
a time (the most you can fit into an oven).

I have never used a Bosch, but all the owners here on the list seem
to love theirs.  Like the DLX, their design makes them very
efficient and able to handle very large loads easily (vs. a Kitchen
Aid type design)

Look through the archives and you will get a lot of very useful
information regarding both machines.

You should call some of the dealers and they can give you more
information.  I purchased my DLX and grinder from Giselle at  She sells and uses both brands so she
can give you advice as to what may be better for your family. I
think in some posts she mentioned that she has also tried the
Viking, so she could give you a comparision with that too.
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