Author Topic: February 2009 Monthly Challenge: "Less is More"  (Read 21971 times)

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Re: February Challenge = LESS WORK PIZZA
« Reply #50 on: April 08, 2009, 02:02:00 PM »
I know I am stretching the theme a bit here, but I recently had an amazing pizza,  ok I can't believe I am saying this,  an amazing FROZEN pizza from Trader Joes.

This pizza was not only easy to procure, but it also had less work going on inside of it as I noticed that there was no yeast or any other levening agent in there at all.   I have read about this type of quickee crust before on the forum, and had dismissed the idea, but now that I have tried it I think I want to do it from scratch.

Do yourself a favor and check out the Trader Joes Tarte Alsace.  I found it interesting that they don't call it a pizza anywhere on the packaging, but it is definitely the best frozen pizza I have ever had, and all that with no yeast.


I had one of these for lunch today. Not pizza, but not bad. In fact, I really enjoyed it. Thanks for posting about this.


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Re: February 2009 Monthly Challenge: "Less is More"
« Reply #51 on: April 15, 2009, 04:18:05 PM »
We're near the end of the month so here is a list of ideas in case anyone was running low.  I'm saving my favorite to do this weekend.

Less baked: don't bake the pizza at all
Less evolved: amoebae shaped
Less aerodynamic: concave square shaped
Less motion: stop sign shaped, red sauce visible, "STOP" printed with cheese
Less pizza: baked with a slice already cut out of it
Less pizza 2: baked as a single slice
Less appealing: topped with Clamato sauce, limburger cheese, escargot
Less edible: cut out a corrugated cardboard circle, soak it in yeast water for an hour, drain liquid, ferment, top, and bake
Less edible 2: mix, knead, ferment, shape, and top pizza while ingredients are directly on the floor
Less less: make an enormous pizza
Less eligible: bake a cake that's frosted to look like a pizza
Less safe: top with raw spoiled meat
Less flat: stand all the pepperoni on their edges and bake the pizza on a severely warped pan
Less bumpy: use sandpaper to sand the crust rim until smooth
Less sensible: throw the pizza away after baking
Less thrifty: use the most expensive ingredients available, e.g. caviar
Less permeable: coat with Thompson's WaterSeal after baking
Less natural: silicone rim implants
Less visible: mix spinach and green food dye into dough (camouflage effect); top with green sauce, sparse cheese, and green bell peppers; and take a picture against a foliage backdrop
Less shaping: top dough ball with sauce, cheese, and some other toppings, do not shape into skin
Less repeatable: don't measure anything
Less equation: small pizza, two breadsticks (equal sign), large pizza
Less than: shape pizza like a less than sign
Less domestic: use only imported ingredients and slap a "Made in China" label on it
Less sober: use straight beer for the liquid in the dough
Less repetition: find a wheel of cheese that can cover the whole pizza with a single slice, same for other toppings
Less work: get someone else to do it
Less destructible: lay rebar (chicken wire) in between layers of dough
Less relevant: bake a bean casserole

- red.november

Rofl!!! :D I think I'm gonna like this forum :P