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Giusto's High Performer or King Arthur bread flour
« on: April 02, 2009, 03:14:07 PM »
I made one of the 00 recipes in my mini oven that I just constructed out of quarry tiles.  It worked out very nicely. My margherita  pizza came out extremely well because I put the cheese in about two minutes into the baking time allowing it to melt and stay beautifully white and creamy by the time the pizza was finished.

I would like to play around with some of the high gluten formulas just for the sake of comparison. I will probably make one of the formulations which blend 00 + high gluten. I may also play around with the Tom Lehman formulation. I do not have access to Sir Lancelot flour but I do have access to King Arthur bread flour and Giusto's High Performer(13.5%).   I was wondering which of these two provides better taste and a more moist crust? the main reason why I would like to try one of these formulas is to get better browning in my pie.  The taste with 00 is my favorite, but the edges, a little pale for my liking. Therefore I am guessing that Giusto's high performer would be the better choice compared to the King Arthur bread flour because of the higher protein content. Also do I understand correctly that I should stay away from Giusto's organic flours because they do not brown as well at low temperatures? Thank you for any responses.