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What forms of advertisement work best?
« on: April 28, 2009, 01:50:42 PM »
Hi guys, my name is Mel, I am a new member and I am a guy more interested in the advertising portion of these businesses.

Let me just start right away by saying I'm not trying to spam anyone here by offering my services, I just want to hopefully get some feed back from you business owners as to wether you hypothetically would see this as valuable or not.

I once tried pitching an advertising idea about 2 years ago and came to a forum like this since pizza places were one of my main interests for advertising for.  I got some great feedback from actual business owners like you last time (mostly objections  ;D) but that's great because that is what helps me try and improve or rethink my ideas.

Anyway I recently started on with a company that advertises via text message.  They receive text questions from users across the country asking any kind of question you can think of, "What was the score of todays game, what's the weather like tomorrow in my zip code, where is a Chinese food restaurant near my location etc etc."

The company I'm with replies back and gives the users their answers for free.

So to try and keep this thread from going too long, let's just assume that this company handles a large volume of questions every day, roughly 100,000 (which it does) and that the majority of their clients are ages 18 - 35, (which they are).

What this company does to pay for these free ads is contact local and large corporate business owners and lets them design 2 - 3 ads to place in the text messages they send to the users texting their service..

So, I'll give a quick scenario of how it might work, say a company, Shakey's Pizza signed up and wants to advertise some specials they have.  Once they setup their ads, they get to choose how many ads/month they will pay for, what zip code or area code they want to advertise in, and during what times of days or days of the week (since a pizza advertisement probably wouldn't be too affective at 8am)

Then a person in the area during the specified time texts in, "What is the score of the lakers game tonight?"   The service replies back, "We received your question and will have your answer momentarily!   **Looking for a great deal on pizza tonight? text Pizza for details** 

If the texter doesn't respond, nothing happens and Shakey's is not charged.

Then a second text is sent to the user with their answer, "The score was LA 108 - Utah 97, Kobe scored a game high 38 points.  **Free breadsticks in front of the big screen?  Can it be? Text Brdstx to find out more!**

If the Texter again does NOT reply, that is the end of the conversation, the person who texted is not charged anything nor is Shakey's pizza company that bought advertising..  However, if at any time the person replies to either of those 2 ads by texting back, they are sent the full ad with contact info like: "Free breadsticks with the purchase of any Medium pizza during the NBA playoffs, 5pm - 10pm at Shakey's Pizza on 4th and Edgewood Ave, (707)585-9999, come watch the game on the BIG SCREEN!"

When this happens, Shakey's is charged $1 for their ad.  This way the only time a client is charged is when a potential customer has expressed actual interest in their product and has gone out of their way to see more details.

I am really hoping this will be a great affective way for local business owners to advertise.  The ads can be tracked to show the business owner how many people are responding to their ads, at what time they are responded to most often, what days etc.   EVERYTHING can be tracked, and the ads can even have things embedded in them to help the business owners see how affective the ads are. For instance, the ad could say "Mention this texting service for free breadsticks" so that way they can tally how many people used their offer vs. how many ads were activated by the users to get the % of ads that turned into real customers.

So beyond that the only things I would probably need to tell you guys to give me an opinion on it is:  The business owner can set a limit to how many ads/ month can be placed, so if they wanted a $200/month limit that is fine that way they aren't worried about too many ads going out, you are in total control of the advertising budget.
If the business owner is ever unhappy with their ad they can change it at any time, or cancel all together, all unused funds are returned with no hassle, it's 100% refundable.

Anyway, I'll leave it at that for now so as not to get too wordy and hopefully get some responses from you guys.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this, I believe in this service, what do you guys think? Would this be something you see as potentially valueable?

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Re: What forms of advertisement work best?
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2009, 06:51:29 AM »
Best advert for us has always been WORD OF MOUTH. PEACE