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Walmart pizza pan
« on: April 30, 2009, 01:06:34 AM »
I got a pizza pan, only to use as a serving tray not to cook with. I thought it was aluminum, but turns out to be somekind of steel, but nice and shiney. I cooked a pizza and put it right on the pan where it sat for 10 mins, while cleaning up I noticed a nice round rust spot on the pan. I scrubbed the rust off and oiled the pan lightly, made pizza the next day, the rust spot got worse which I guess is from my scrubbing.

Instead of tossing it, I again I scrubbed it to get the rust off and seasoned it like you would a cast iron pan. Now it has a nice dark non-stick coating and is way easier to clean.

I still cant believe it rusted without even putting it in the oven and just putting a hot pizza on it.