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Red Pack Pizza sauce
« on: May 16, 2009, 09:23:44 AM »

 Does anyone on the east coast know where I might find Red Pack Pizza sauce. I went for pizza last night, and have been going there for 20yrs,  this pizza is thick style pizza with Romano cheese over tomato sauce and a good garlic taste that is not in the sauce but I think somehow he puts it on the dough, then the sauce and covers it with Romano cheese, it is out of this world, it is a small place in Hazleton PA called Senape's Tavern, they have some pics in there where some famous celebrity's & political people have tried this place, but anyways, after years I was wondering how they made the sauce, and last night one of the helpers was throwing away the empty cans in the dumpster as we were leaving and the pizza sauce is by Red Pack. so I am on a Red Pack pizza sauce adventure.


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Re: Red Pack Pizza sauce
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I see Red Pack pizza sauce in the local GFS (Gordon's) and other warehouse type stores in NE Ohio.

Years ago Red Pack could be found in 28oz cans - now only #10's.

Most operators mix a little Italian spice, black and red pepper and oregano with it cold.

The cheese for the "bar pizzas" is most likely Grande Romano put on after the pie comes out of the oven. If you find a spice mix which you like with the Red Pack - please pass it on!

I myself think it is horrible straight from the can