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2 quick cheese questions
« on: May 19, 2009, 01:45:34 PM »
I've had some strange results using fresh Rio Briatti brand mozz (not in water but in a sealed package and labeled fresh).  The first time I used this cheese I sliced it and let it drain on paper towels about an hour before dressing my pies and it still pooled liquid despite cooking in a 550 degree home oven.  Another time I cut it straight out of the refrigerator, dressed the pies and immediately cooked the pizzas and it worked perfectly, no excess liquid, no pooling.  So, it seems like the best idea is to use cold cheese (and maybe sauce as well?).  Is this what others do?  I suppose I don't understand why it wouldn't release the same amount of liquid regardless of temperature.

Is buffalo mozz too watery to be used in a home oven?  I'd like to try it but it's expensive and I've read it might not yield good results.

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