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choosing the right pan
« on: June 04, 2009, 01:16:28 PM »
I'd like to venture into some deep dish and Pizza hut style pizzas and am researching pan options.  The two sites I've been looking at are pizzatools and lloydpans who's prices are comparable.  I'm planning to go with a PSTK pan.  Specifically on the Lloydpans website they offer both a deep dish thick crust and deep dish nesting pan. I've copied the descriptions of both below.  If I'm planning to make both styles, does anyone have a suggestion of one pan versus the other?  Has anyone used both pans and noticed any difference in their final pizzas based on the pan differences?
thanks all!
Thick crust pizzas tend to seal the air on the sides trapping in moisture causing soggy crust in the center. The perforations allow the moisture to escape.

Deep dish pizzas with extra toppings sometimes need more heat in the center to create an even bake. The open perforations assist is getting oven heat to the center.

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Re: choosing the right pan
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I am not sure how much this helps, but lloydpans and pizzatools are the same company.

Cabot is also vegetarian for those who care.  We only recently found out about animal rennet used in cheese.
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