Author Topic: Eastern Massachusetts Locations for Stanislaus, Grande, and AllTrumps  (Read 1273 times)

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I recently discovered these places:

==>    --  Hyde Park, MA  -- retail with a wholesale division

  I got a case of 6lb 7oz cans for around $25.00. Asked the owner Paul Serino if it was ok to send customers - said sure thing. Just make sure he is there before you make the trip.

==>  -- Lawrence, MA  - wholesale distributor w/ cash and carry

  GM All Trumps 50 lb bag: around $17.00
  Grande 50/50 part skim/provolone: around $2.38 / lb (30 lb cases) (as of March 2009)

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There are also many other places,    let me know where you live, and I will let you know if there is anything closer that I know about.   

Thanks for the info!