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All business knives at a reasonable price
« on: July 02, 2009, 05:03:35 PM »
Not sure where to post this so hopefully this is it.
I have noticed that many members are accomplished home or prof chefs who might appreciate good cutting tools.  The most well known and famous cutlery brands are often excellent quality, but also very pricey with a single large chefs knife going well over $100 US.
Cold Steel manufactures edged weapons of very high quality and also makes a couple of lines of kitchen knives.  When it is all said and done, a knife's usefulness depends much on it's steel, and that where these knives shine.  You will not find exotic wood handles, highly polished bolsters, or any decorative trim whatsoever.  You will find handles with durable high grip surfaces, excellent steel with a great balance between holding an edge and ease of sharpening, and the sharpest knife you have ever unboxed.  The only negative I have ever heard is that their large Chefs knife is not as "heavy" as the $160 top names which some prefer.  Other than that, I own 5 of these knives, have given away 5 as gifts, and nothing but raves.  Considering you can buy an entire set including a hardwood storage block and 6 steak knives for about the same price as a single top name elite brand chefs knife, these are a real bargain.  And they are available singly as well as in set.
They have 2 websites, both listed below.  The second is like their on sale and closeout site so selections are sometimes limited there.
Cold Steel is famous for displaying the cutting ability and durability of their knives.  Check out the 10 minute video on the above pages.  While it is mostly boring, they do cut thru a phone book and bend the blade 90 degrees and some other stuff.  You can also pick up a sword or battle mace while you're at it.