Author Topic: A follow up visit to Il pizzaiolo  (Read 1688 times)

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A follow up visit to Il pizzaiolo
« on: July 04, 2009, 12:08:12 PM »
We were back in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago and my daughter wanted to try the "pizza joint"; I was so fond of, so back to Il pizzaiolo for lunch.  My wife and daughter were not expecting a full scale restaurant and this put them in a great mood, thinking we were hitting a "pizza joint". We were going for the patio but i wanted to sit by the oven. Ron was at another table in a meeting, he excused himself came over and said hi to our table. Ron said after you order, "i want to be part of your lunch today".  So we ordered two pizzas, wedding soup,and a pasta dish.  As we are eating i see Ron at the oven three more pizzas show up at the table, along with gnocchi, and ravioli. Three people and enough food to feed the tables around us. We got a lot of laughs from the other dinners . Everything was delicious and Ron went out of his way to make this a lunch we would always remember.  When we visit other pizzerias my daughter gauges the quality based on the pizza at      Il pizzaiolo. Her comment is "I can stop eating this pizza, I couldn't do that at Ron's place".  Here is a picture of our feast.
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Re: A follow up visit to Il pizzaiolo
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I love that man   :-*