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The Johnson City Pizza Discussion Thread
« on: July 10, 2009, 01:01:40 PM »
After reading Bailey's post on all the pizza restaurants in JC over in the Mellow Mushroom thread, I am now curious to hear everyone's thoughts on some of the pizza places I've never been to.

Unfortunately, I have not tried that many pizza places in JC --- this was largely because I worked at Papa John's throughout high school and college and got pizza there for free. Why go out and pay $10 for pizza when you get it free and you can make it your way? But now I feel deprived!

What experiences have you had with the following pizza places:

Mama Mia's
Johnny Brusco's
Papa Murphy's
Buck's (are they still in business?)
Italian Pizza Pub

Feel free to add any others to the list. Those are the ones I am particularly curious about.

Other than the chains (PJ's, Dom's, Caesar's, CiCi's, Pizza Hut), I believe the only places I've eaten pizza from in JC are Crazy Tomato and Greg's.

I realize this is heresy but I've never particularly cared for Greg's.

I like Crazy Tomato's pizza, but I've had better before. It's a bit too greasy for my tastes, but it's still good.

Best pizza I've ever had in my life was in Chapel Hill, NC at a place called Pepper's Pizza (no direct website, but they have a MySpace)