Author Topic: Has anyone frozen dough after 24hr rise and later thawed and baked successfully?  (Read 2118 times)

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I'm making one thin pizza and one NY style pizza tomorrow.  I've already made the dough for both but the NY style makes 2 pizzas.  I'd love to freeze the left over NY style dough ball after the 24 hr refrigerator rest.  I've read on the boards that I can prebake the pie and then freeze but my  freezer chest is packed full and a dough ball would take up so much less space.  Has anyone had any success with freezing the dough and then baking successfully?  Please advise.  Thanks!


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I've done it before.  Worked out quite nicely, just give it 24 hours to thaw.


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Unless you can't hold the dough over for another day or two in the refrigerator, I think you should be OK to freeze the dough ball if it didn't rise that much. I don't know which NY style dough recipe you are using, but if it is one that includes some sugar in the recipe, the dough should be able to last 24-48 hours more in the refrigerator. Without sugar you might be able to get another day out of it, especially if it didn't use a lot of yeast or warm water to begin with and didn't rise that much.

Freezing an already-made dough is not particularly good for the yeast in the dough. It damages the yeast cell structure (the water in the dough freezes and ruptures the cell walls) and reduces its effectiveness significantly when the dough is defrosted--in terms of impairment of fermentation and overall dough quality. If you are interested, I discussed some of the problems that freezing dough causes in Reply #11 at

If freezing is your only option, I would just try it and see what happens. It may help the rest of us if you report on your results.


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hey man :)

I just did this last night. A local italian market sells dough and they were out of it in the cooler so he got me a ball out of the freezer.

I actually dethawed it pretty half ass.. put it in the microwaved.. dethawed it for 2 min.. then ripped off all the warm parts and put the cold dough that was remaining in again for anotehr 1 minute.

it came out and i formed a ball, let it sit for about an hour, shaped... everything turned out great.

Follow Pete's advice and you're sure to have good results... but just so you know, it definitely works and turns out great after being frozen.

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I freeze NY style dough quite often. I freeze it right after I finish kneading, I don't let it rise at all. Then just let it thaw for at least 24 hours and you're good to go.