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A couple of questions regarding cooking
« on: September 12, 2009, 08:14:47 PM »

Wow this forum has a tremendous amount of useful information.  Thank you so much.  Please accept my apology if this is posted in the wrong place.  I have never posted on this forum or any other before.

Over the last couple of months I have been trying to read/learn as much as possible and conduct some experiments.  My goal is to make a Neapolitan style pizza with perhaps a little more crispness of the crust than what I have seen described as a classic Neapolitan pizza (similar to No. 28 Pizza on Carmine Street, NYC or even similar to Co. Pizza in Chelsea, NYC but a little lighter)

As a control and to evaluate my oven, I started by buying dough from a traditional Neapolitan pizza place on Miami Beach near where I live, Fratelli La Bufala (I assume that this resembles traditional Neapolitan pizza because it is virtually identical to Keste Pizza in NYC and the consensus seems to be that Keste is authentic).  With a pizza stone and my oven at its max temperature of 500F all of the issues discussed on the forum regarding 00 flour and lower temperature ovens became apparent.  I tried making my own dough with a 62% moisture content and adding olive oil.  This did not help much.  I then tried a 50/50 blend of KA bread flour and Caputo 00.  This seemed to help the dough cook slightly better with a little more browning but the result was not a significant improvement as the bread flour changed the texture considerably and it still did not cook properly.

So, my question I missing something or is it just not possible to cook a GREAT pizza in my current oven?  Assuming that I cannot the next question is will a 2Stone grill take care of this problem?   I have tried to read all of the posts regarding this product but I am not sure that I have seen a definitive enough answer to justify spending about 300 bucks on one.  It seems that the consensus it that it reaches 700 degrees or more.  Is that hot enough?  Or do we need to be up around 900 to cook properly?

On a related note, does temperature impact the flavor of the crust?  It seems that when I cook the dough that I bought, it does not taste the same as when its cooked the oven at the pizza place. 

Thanks very much.