Author Topic: "A Tale Of 1 Sicilian"--Tribute to Jeff V  (Read 1878 times)

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"A Tale Of 1 Sicilian"--Tribute to Jeff V
« on: October 04, 2009, 10:03:42 PM »
After making "Pizza Hut Cheesesticks" with this recipe, I had to try a pizza.  BEST sicilian pie to date.  REAL similar to Big Cheese or Rocky Rococo's.  Inspired by Jeff V's "Tale Of Two Sicilian" recipe, cutting the hydration to 70%.  Again, I did not make a poolish(too anxious to try this recipe) and again, I cheated with the sauce and used some from our local pizza joint.  I'm still working on that.  I actually ordered a case of their sauce base.  I think I can make a good sauce with a good base.  Anyway, just added all ingredients in mixer, refridgerated for 2 days and this is the end product.  The only thing I would change is I will use butter, instead of EVOO in the pan for that buttery flavor in the crust like Rocky's.
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