Author Topic: Focaccia using Neapolitan Pizza Dough  (Read 2385 times)

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Focaccia using Neapolitan Pizza Dough
« on: October 06, 2009, 08:42:44 AM »
I had prepared some dough using my standard formulation described on reply 2 @,9296.0.html.  The weather was quite cloudy & as soon as I fired up my WFO, it began to rain heavily so I decided to scrap the idea.  I had my family coming over for lunch & had to quickly decide on what to do with the dough.  I didn't want to make individual pizzas in my home oven because I knew that I wouldn't be happy with the results.  Instead I decided that I was going to make some focaccia not knowing what the end result would be.  I took out 2 round deep dish pans that I lightly covered with oil, placed 3-10 oz.dough balls in each pan & then covered each pan with a towel & let them sit at room temperature for 3 hours.  After that I pressed the dough evenly in the pan, topped both focaccia's & baked them for about 20 minutes @ 450 degrees.  Much to my surprise, the end result was fantastic, the dough was extremely airy with some beautiful webbing & the top & bottom were nicely browned.  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures but I will definitely be making it again.  Next time with a single dough ball of course.