Author Topic: Grande East Coast Blend found in Garden City Park, Long Island, NY!!  (Read 2010 times)

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Just got back an hour ago with 2 bags of the Grande East Coast shredded for $15 per 5# bag. The place is called Sansone Food Products and they're located at 2133 Jericho Tpke., Garden City Park, NY 11040. Tel: 516-746-3696/3696. They are open to the public and the prices are very good. Their website is

I am so ecstatic (just ask my 10-y/o daughter who was with me!) that I finally found a source for Grande cheese here on Long Island! The only place I've been able to get Grande at is JKings in Holtsville but they only carry the 7# brick of the whole milk mozz. I find the WM by itself to be a little too rich and oily. I usually have to cut it with some part skim.

The gentleman that put together my order, John, said I could call ahead and my order would be waiting for me the next time. If you go there, tell John you read about it on as I told him I would spread the word about his business on this site.

Let me know how anyone here makes out it they go there. Thanks!


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Re: Grande East Coast Blend found in Garden City Park, Long Island, NY!!
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Rohfan, You can also get Grande from DiCarlo in Holtsville. They are just south of expressway at exit 63.  They also carry Caputo,  All Trumps & a big selection of tomatoes.