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Passione - Fruit and fish pizza bianca
« on: December 15, 2009, 03:37:25 AM »
This is a pizza I came up with here in Italy this past Spring and its been a hit.  Sounds not too great, but the flavors compliment each other great.  First of all, my pizzas are all ultra thin, almost cracker style I guess.  Not sure how this works with thick crusts/discs though.

Here it is:

- disc (plain, no sauce, bianca)
- smoked salmon ( not too much, just enough to get the taste)
- gorgonzola
- panna
- mozzarella
Once pulled out of the oven and before given to the customer/to be eaten:
- fresh fruit of the season

I usually try to add at least 3 different colors and sort them with a good look, mainly for presentation, but as you know, the customer first eats the pizza with either the eyes or the nose.  My preferred fruits are strawberries, grapes, mandarines, blackberries.

I'll post a pic later this week.