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Dough Recipe Results - For Comment
« on: December 20, 2009, 05:26:35 PM »
I was given some "protein enriched" flour some time ago and I decided to try it out. I got the data sheet from the company concerned and found that it has 13.3% protein.

I made a batch "neat" and found that the texture was pretty good and it stretched really well - probably the best I have made yet!!

The next batch was a blend of my usual Milan Pizza flour and protein enriched flour with a mix calculated to bring the protein level to 12%. Recipe as follows (note the higher hydration):

Flour 635.3g 100.0%
Water 425.6g 67.0%
Yeast 3.8g 0.6%
Salt 15.2g 2.4%

359.1g Pizza flour
276.1g Protein Flour

The results after a 9 minute KA knead were excellent. I made 4 balls, setting 2 aside for a 2.5 hr rest before having them for lunch, and the other 2 into the fridge for overnight fermentation.


Smooth and pliable dough - streched nicely. I cooked them in the oven and they browned up well. I would be keen to see how they go in the WFO. Perhaps these could yield the much sought after leoparding that has so far euded me?

What I did note was that the crust was slightly dry (maybe electric oven?), but good nonetheless. Perhaps the quick cooking process of the WFO will produce better results on that point too. There was a slight toughness evident as well but this was not unpleasant.

On reheating the crust was very rubbery and slightly tough once again.

Overall though - I was pleased with the results - particularly the ability I had to stretch the dough without tearing it or it getting thin in spots. I will refine the mix further on this one and report back after a WFO test run.

I am keen to get feedback from the experts on these results.