Author Topic: Dough recipe found on a P2P file sharing network  (Read 2137 times)

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Dough recipe found on a P2P file sharing network
« on: March 01, 2005, 06:57:18 PM »
I was looking for Pink Floyd bootlegs on winmx and just out of curiosity I did a search on pizza ebooks. Here is what I downloaded from a guy who says it's a good recipe.  I'll leave that up to the knowledgable people here to decide. 

Ray's pizza dough recipe:
  25 lbs high gluten flour
  12 oz sugar
  6 oz salt
  1.5 oz Red Star dry active yeast
  2 large eggs
  12 oz 100% extra virgin olive oil
  1 gallon warm water 
  Mix together in 50lb mixing bowl, sugar, salt, yeast, eggs and olive oil.
  Prepare your flour.  Get flour all ready to be added. 
  Add warm water to the bowl.  Make sure water is no to hot because it will
  start to react with the yeast before your really want it to.
  With a wire wisk mix ingredients together.  Mix until the sugar and salt    have
  been dissolved into the solution and are no longer sitting on the bottom of
  the bowl.
  Add your flour to the mix.  Be careful add it slowly so not to create a flour
  With either a large spoon or the blending attachment mix the dough by hand for
  a minute.  This will  reduce the amount of dust that is created when you turn
  the machine on.  It allows the liquid to start mixing with the flour and not
  letting the flour shoot out of the bowl.
  Place the bowl onto the machine.   
  Allow the dough to mix on low for 8 minutes.
  After 8 minutes turn the machine up to medium for 14 more minutes.
  This allows the dough to mix for 22 total minutes. 
  Remove the bowl to some location where it would easy to cut and weigh your
  For a 16" pizza 21 ozs. works pretty well.  Depending on your use more or less
  may be required.  This recipe will create thirty-four 21 oz dough balls.
Good Luck!
This recipe is my own creation that I have worked on for the past couple of
years or so.
Ray Monczewski
October 30, 00