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More on Black Sicilian Pans
« on: December 30, 2009, 04:57:22 PM »
I went to to look at their black steel Sicilian pans and used the link there to contact the manufacturer (Lloyds) directly and ask some specific questions.

In addition to the coating question being answered, these pans CAN be used in a 750F to 900F oven, given the considerations listed in the response they sent to my questions. Response follows:

To answer your questions..yes, our coating is PTFE-free.  It is an eco-friendly, water-based coating that will not chip, flake or scratch off.  Our pans are also offered in bare aluminum.  To see our complete line of pizzaware, I would suggest our other website,  As long as you are not putting an empty pan into the 750 to 900 degree oven, and provided you are removing the pan from the oven as soon as the pizza is done, our pans would work at those temperatures.
We do not have a minimum order on our website, so please feel free to order one or two and try them out.  We offer volume and shipping discounts on the website as well.

If you need further specifics, you are welcome to call our engineer, Paul Tiffany, directly at 800-748-6251, ext 117.

Even gave the number for the engineer. Very nice, quick and helpful. Good stuff! --K
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