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Preferment Pizza Dough Calculator
By Mike (a.k.a. Boy Hits Car)

Preferment Dough Calculator

Preferment Pizza Dough Calculating Tool

This tool was developed by Mike (Boy Hits Car) to be used to determine the ingredients and quantities needed to make pizza dough based on the use of preferments. The tool was specifically designed to be used with natural preferments consisting of only flour, water, salt and natural (wild) yeast. However, if desired, the user also has the option of supplementing the natural preferment with commercial yeast as part of the final dough mix.

To initiate the dough calculation process, users can either specify a desired thickness factor (TF) or, alternatively, a starting dough weight. When the thickness factor method is selected, there is also the option of selecting the shape of the pizza, either round or rectangular. The amount of preferment to be used in the dough formulation can be specified in any one of three different ways, as a percent of total formula flour, total formula water, or total dough weight. The percent of water used in the preferment must also be provided.

The tool also allows users to increase the amounts of dough ingredients to compensate for small dough losses during preparation. This is referred to as the “bowl residue” factor.

An especially useful feature of the tool is that it converts to a standard dough calculating tool (one without preferments) when no preferment data is entered into the tool. So, in effect, there are two tools in one. For further details, click here

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